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Yes, I want to join PartyyClub.com as Host for Dreams & Reality Music Party Events.

I will pay $100 to start with 50 Dreams & Reality Music Event Tickets with discounted resell value at the door of $500. I understand PartyyClub.com Tickets normally resell at $20 each but as new Party Club Host I get a New Hosting Member’s Discount to enable me to resell tickets at $10 each to help kickstart my Event Hosting Business.

I Understand with this Tickets Purchase I am Agreeing to your Terms below in that :

1/ Future purchases of Dreams & Reality Music Event Tickets will cost $10 per ticket to resell at $20 per ticket with minimum purchases of 50 Tickets for $500.

2/ Cost of venues whether private home, garage or public venue such as U.S. or Canadian Legion will be for my own account.

3/ I understand in event of larger music & dance events, say 60 persons or more in a hall or large venue a big screen video monitor will be preferable and it will be my responsibility to secure such a video monitor.

4/ I understand PartyyClub.com is a promotions platform for various initiatives from Green Gold Canada Group and I will receive minimum three promotions videos from you to play on video monitors at my events during breaks when music will stop so persons may buy drinks and or snacks at the bar should I set up a bar.

5/ Some videos may encourage event attendees to request information sheets and /or application forms for various initiatives which will be provided to me by Partyyclub.com

6/ Green Gold Canada Group and PartyyClub.com and related or associated businesses
will not be held liable for any civil or legal infractions at any Hosts events or abusive behavior by any attending members or disturbances, breakages of equipment or damage to property by any persons attending events hosted by PartyyClub.com and reserves the right to summarily cancel a Host’s Membership Plan at its own discretion and/or not sell such Host any more events tickets if it is found that a Host cannot manage or control disruptive event attendees or individuals who spoil the party for others.