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Or you may wish to participate in Home-Share Room-Share Interactive initiated by Media Cafes to benefit our viewers. Home-Share Room-Share Interactive help home owners increase incomes by sharing their homes or rooms with travelers or visitors on weekly or monthly basis. To activate this option home owners simply place picture profile Ads under this section Home-Share Room-Share Interactive and specify what they offer, whether it’s a full home…or one…2 or 3 rooms for single persons, couples or small groups of visitors. Plus specify rents…per week …per month….security deposit and Terms of Rental. Media Cafes offers a Standard Agreement that cover legalities with Do’s & Don’ts Tips for Successful Rentals to help home owners who place Ads under Home-Share Room-Share activate their room rentals… or homes, to visitors and travelers. It’s free and downloadable for advertisers on the Home-Share Room-Share Interactive section. Beat the rising cost of living. Let Media Cafes help your family increase its income today.
Home-Share Room-Share Interactive
Posting ads on the site for renting (sharing) houses or rooms

Posting ads on the site for renting (sharing) houses or rooms

The Pandemic is lifting and international travel is one the increase. AirBnB the worldwide organization has that went public from home share and room rentals…. have just reported its best year despite the pandemic, inflation, thousands of business closings resulting in millions of job losses, supply chain disruptions, food and gas price increases and other geopolitical problems. Please Note Also: Home-Share /Room-Share Interactive is a separate business with vacancy for an experienced business manager. Business Manager / Partner.