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Platform for organizing music and dance events with charity presentations

Hello Friends & Colleagues, our Party Platform create music & dance events, with video presentation at evenings end, to serve Three Purposes:
  1. Fundraising for targeted assistance to Ukrainian orphans and widows affected by Russia's military invasion of Ukraine. Most of the funds from the music and dance events held by the Platform will go directly to the accounts of Ukrainian widows and their children.
  2. To help find rooms or share accommodation for Ukrainian Refugees who will pay rent with funding from Canada Government.
  3. To Promote Interactive Projects for persons wanting to make extra cash on computer at home; projects listed on our site mediacafes.com. It’s the reason we show a 15-minute video presentation at evening’s end.
We need 3-4 persons who’ll become Managers of our Music & Dance events in Yarmouth. Our Party Platform is creating a network across Canada.
It means music/dance events in different cities will be listed on our website page so Events Managers may coordinate their schedules & events with them at mediacafes.com
BECOME MUSIC & DANCE EVENT HOST/S: You will need: A video monitor, big screen or minimum 40 cm (diagonal across) and a comcast connection to your laptop or device so you play music directly from YouTube Music Premium, or create a music/dance party playlist.
As part of the functioning of our Platform for the organization of music and dance events, the following
prospects open up for you:
If the event will not be at your home or basement or garage but at a public venue you will be responsible for renting the venue, and may want to send venue managers a link to this site to help negotiate the lowest price to rent the venue.
You’ll need to register your event here with date, time, place, city and country and pay a
$200 ‘Event Commitment Deposit’ which you’ll deduct from first ten event attendees and pay $200 for your Party Club Startup Package which includes 100 tikes to resell at $10 each ($1,000 value) plus invitations and Music -Video-Tickets "How To" report You’ll need to register your event here with date, time, place, city and country and pay a $200 ‘Event Commitment Deposit’ which you’ll deduct from first ten event attendees.
At the evening’s end you will
  1. First play a 15-minute Media Cafes video so viewers and attendees will know more about Media Cafes’ main business and Interactive Participation opportunities developed by Media Cafes.
  2. Second you will announce Attendees are invited to say a few words about our party platform concept as fund raiser…like a very short video review on your smart phone for posting on our site.
BUY TICKETS WHOLESALE HERE: You can also buy and download just 50 event tickets here directly for $100 to test for viability in your city or town but which will not entitle you to free invitations and Music -Video-Tickets "How To" report. Since this program is being launched in Canada in September '22 and may not yet have reached your city or country we suggest you start with only 50 tickets to test viability of Media Cafes' Party Club promotions platform in your town or city.
Provide your contact details to ensure that your payments (donations) are not lost
Data for registration and business start
 Recommended: 100 tickets with full Party Club Startup Package $200 
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