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Of many interactive business opportunities on Media Cafes good reasons exist why this site rates participating in an emerging marriage agency network among its potentially most lucrative and soul satisfying businesses.
Marriage Agencies Interactive
Registration for investment and subsequent co-ownership of a business in the field of interactive marriage agencies

Registration for investment and subsequent co-ownership of a business in the field of interactive marriage agencies

Here’s eight reasons why:
  1. low startup cost…
  2. a true work-from-home business
  3. a huge and growing singles market…
  4. increased international travel…
  5. increased cross cultural marriages
  6. worldwide trend towards self-shoot photographs …
  7. increased social media activity and photo/video postings…
  8. increased postings of picture profiles on online dating sites.
Besides lucrative financial rewards marriage agency owner/operators say they derive a huge sense of soul satisfaction when clients and customers write to report their, new-found happiness upon meeting their soul mates and life partners.
Members who signup to start a marriage agency may post picture profiles here on media cafes … (On MCI)… until a specialist website currently under construction will be ready. The site works on a letter writing system. Men and women post information profiles and pictures of themselves free. Men pay to open/read ladies letters. Services to ladies are free.
A starter package that usually costs $2,500 to setup a marriage agency and partner on a networking site with rights to post clients picture profiles can now be had for only $20.
This includes comprehensive "How To" special report that provides important startup info:
  1. Big Profits from Love & Marriage Industry… Low Cost - High Rewards Marriage Network
  2. Info Video; Marriage Agency Evolution; from small city kitchen table startup to now.
  3. And Application form…. Yes I Want To Reserve My Marriage Agency Spot… allows your spot to be reserved both in your city, and your country so that evenly distributed marriage agencies can succeed and grow.
  4. Lastly from date of signup you have 45 days to activate your marriage agency by posting picture profiles of men and women…so we can share income from men opening ladies’ letters with you.
  5. Of course, how much you make will depend on the quality of ladies’ picture profiles and how good your photographer/makeup person makes her look. It’s all inside; Big Profits from Love & Marriage Industry.