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Game Shows - Dreams & Reality
Life Skills Game Shows: Answers Life’s Most Important Questions.
Suggestions from Q&A Developers for Game Infotainment Life Skills Shows
Question and answer Game Shows in the Life Skills genre is another Media Cafes initiative… that could potentially make incomes running into thousands of $....for hundreds of individual developers worldwide working at home on their own computers.
Game Shows - Dreams & Reality
Life Skills Game shows: Answers Life’s Most Important Questions
Researcher/developers will only be accepted for participation upon payment of $50 for the ‘How To’ manual, which must accompany their Application. To enter, please submit $50 along with full names, contact phone number, and email address on the form below here. If for any reason your Application is not accepted your $50 will be refunded in full. Note: from listed gameshows you’ll need to choose one that you’d like to start with. Then add a question on Application that require 2, 3 or 4 Answers… and provide the Answer: Example LOVE: Many factors can ruin Love Relationships. But three universal factors ruin more Love Relationships and cause more divorce worldwide. They are? Answer: Sex… Money… Religion.
Gameshows may be created by several developer/researchers at the same time. The system do not share names of other developer/researchers. Instead developers’ submissions are curated by a simple process of accepting valid questions with correct answers that have not yet been submitted by other developers…. and rejecting submissions with the same Q & A’s that have already been accepted from another developer.
There are seven game shows in the series; Love… Health… Sex… Money… Happiness… Anti-Aging…. and Self-Healing. Each gameshow comprises about 50 questions. Answers are hidden from online players and revealed only the end of the games when players scores are tallied. Rewards are $ in some gameshows and in others gamers play for downloadable digital rewards.
This means if developer A sends in 50 valid questions with correct answers, but in a previous submission developer B had already covered 20 of those Q & A’s then A is paid on 30 Q &A’s and B is paid on the other 20. It’s a simple and yet highly effective system.
This manual, Gold in the Gameshow Business is a prized and valuable guide that provide comprehensive information to researchers wanting to become high-income developers. Everything is covered in this manual, from how to structure questions…thru to what developers earn for accepted works. Plus, details of an upcoming gameshow players website & online billboard system where gameshows will be rated and posted from $12 for top in-demand shows down to $3 for older gameshows that have come down the billboard.
The manual, Gold in the Gameshow Business is a mandatory purchase for any researcher/developers wanting to participate in this creation of Life Skills Gameshows.

Life Skills Game Shows: Answers Life’s Most Important Questions