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Hello Friends & Colleagues, my name’s Lee le Chat, I’m from Toronto, my business website is Media Cafes.com. I returned recently from Ukraine where I spent five years, and learned to appreciate an amazing culture of highly qualified people in a truly beautiful country… country with abundant sunshine… blue skies… fertile black soil and bountiful harvests.

Charitable activities of the Media Cafe in support of Ukraine

I created this party platform as fund raiser for the UKRAINE WIDOWS & ORPHANS FUND initiative. There’s a lot of information in the media about thousands of men…men with families…young men, fathers/husbands/boyfriends being killed on the front lines in Russia’s war on Ukraine. But very little information about the wives, widows and children left behind after fathers and husbands are killed in war… and the breadwinner is forever gone.
Friends, this party platform has three objectives… three parallel functions. It will also help find rooms or share accommodation for Ukrainian Refugees wanting to enter Canada under our Government’s new Canada-Ukraine-Emergency-Travel-Assistance program… It’s called C.U.E.A.R.T developed by our Government and managed by Ukraine Canadian Congress.
Thirdly this party platform also promotes our Media Cafes Interactive video broadcast program… interactive participation programs for persons wanting to make extra money on computer at home.
You can see these participation programs on our Media Cafes website when you hit this button ….or check first the synopsis video preview on this button.
Know also that we’re looking for 2-3-4 Event Planners who will manage our party platform to promote regular events at this location. There’s a bit of money in it for Event Planners, not much coz we don’t get any of the takings at the bar. But we’ll be happy to discuss the money in person with potential Event Planners. After we set up Party Planner Event Managers at this location we can open other locations and hopefully create a viral thing on social media…. Then Party Planner Managers & Event locations will have a page on our website so all the world will know and see how much funding we generate for UKRAINE WIDOWS & ORPHANS FUND.
Now I thank you for attending our event. Please support us, invite your friends to next event. Now let the music roll…. lets have some fun. Thanks, Cheers.
Ukrainians who enter Canada under CUEART program receive $3,000CDN “Startup Money’ to find their feet and visa to live-work-study in Canada for three years or more if needed. I means those of you who have a spare room for a Ukrainian woman or small family will be paid rent for the room. Ukrainians are educated people and hard workers. Those who arrived recently in Canada under the CUEART program have mostly already all found work. Ukrainian farmers who arrived on prairies after the 1934 Holodomor have built Canada into a powerhouse food & agriculture exporter. You may know Stalin’s Holodomor decreed that all foods… beef… pork… vegetables produced in Ukraine must go on trains to Moscow to feed the Russian army. Farmers who kept even just a little food for their families were shot to death.