What is Media Cafe, as well as its mission, functions and basic terminology
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Life Skills Game Shows: Answers Life’s Most Important Questions.
Suggestions from Q&A Developers for Game Infotainment Life Skills Shows
Media Cafes is a video media broadcasting business at the intersection of social media, information entertainment and project/human development. With video media broadcasting via cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, salons, bars, clinics and businesses with video monitors it provides a variety of interactive projects, competitions, contests and business opportunities that viewers may participate in to benefit themselves, their families, communities and countries. Media Cafes strives to achieve this without social media’s scandal mongering and the negative influences of politics, crime and religion.
We hope you will join us and take a minute to learn how our various ‘players’ at Media Cafes function to deliver video broadcasting via a subscription system that could greatly benefit viewers, subscribers and communities where-ever Media Cafes opens.
BROADCAST SUBSCRIBERS. Business Subscribers with Video Screens for public viewers. They pay for 6- 12-month Subscription for 5 or 10 video broadcasts (35 -45 mins) at place of business
P-in-P -DIGITAL MEDIA PARTNER AGENCIES. Recruit/Manage/Assign jobs for creative contributors. Applicants to operate DIGITAL MEDIA PARTNER AGENCIES must Provide $3,000 Security Deposit to pay Freelance contributors. DMIA Profit from Content Accepted for Publication produced by their Creative Contributors & Freelancers. Media Cafes pays DMIA after each broadcast.
SUPER SUBSCRIBERS Business Subscribers with Video Screens for public viewers who also promote M/Cafes’ DIGITAL MEDIA PARTNER AGENCIES with (1 example; if restaurant) A4 size printed/ laminated table-mats with color visuals of video correspondents, writers, photographers, content providers. Header on flyer reads:
DIGITAL MEDIA PARTNER AGENCY!...for Experienced Business Manager Only!
Recruit/Manage/Assign activities to Media Cafes Creative Contributors & Freelancers. Contact MCI (Promo Code # xxx)
Promo code is business address for money when MCI sets up a DIGITAL MEDIA PARTNER AGENCY! in that city.
AFFILIATE MARKETERS -Contact businesses in their city…province…oblast and send out sample Broadcasts with online signup Application Form to SIGNUP BROADCAST SUBSCRIBERS online
SUPER AFFILIATE MARKETERS Same as Affiliate Marketers but also participate/operate business
PLAYERS. persons who sign up to participate in a competition or contest for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes; e.g. Smarts Artist Contest / Comic Drawings Contest “This Life of Ours” / Video Presenters Contest
LIFE SKILLS GAMESHOWS Life Skills Question/Answer Gameshows pay out Developer / Researchers before MCI can broadcast names & faces of Winning Researcher /Developers. Q&A Gameshows are: Love…Health…Sex… Money…. Happiness… Anti-Aging…Self-Healing.
P-in-P SITE CO-OWNERS signup to be Website Investor Co-owners but may also participate in the website/s to make two incomes. E.g., Marriage Network. Agriculture Traders.

Terminology and functions of contributors offering content for Media Cafe